Maximum Number of Layers 24
Impedance COntrolled Boards YES
Minimum Trace width/Spacing 4Mil/4 Mil
Minimum hole Size Minimum drill dia 0.2mm
Handling BGA Package Yes
Maximum copper 210 Microns on Tracks
Metal core Metal ladder PCBs Yes
Maximum PCB Size At present 460x 610mm. Can also handle larger sizes, please call to confirm.
Maximum PCB Thickness 3.2mm
Minimum PCB thickness 0.11mm DS or SS
Delivery Schedule – Protos 24 Hours
Delivery Schedule – Production 10 Days
Finish SMOBC with HAL or Lead free HAL
RoHS ( immersion Nickel & Gold )
Solder coating Normal boards 8 to 10 microns.
SMD Boards 3 Microns minimum.
Standard IPC 6012E. Also as per customer’s acceptance
Material Type Double sided FR4 with Tg 130 / 170 degress. Multilayer PCB FR4 with Tg 170 degrees.
Please contact us for details of laminate core thicknesses / prepregs available.
Edge Connector Nickel 4-5 microns. Gold 1 micron and above(as per customer given specs.).
Minimum Angular Ring 0.2mm for PTH Boards
0.25 to 0.3mm for SS Boards
BBT UNIVERSAL BBT M/c- & Fly Probe Tester
Legend Printing White Color or as per customer request.
Inputs acceptable •    Gerber files Standard gerber (RS-274D) or       Extended Gerber (RS-274X).
•    ODB++
•    Netlist format IPC356 / IPC356A.
•    Drawings in HPGL / DXF / PDF format.
•    Drill data in Excellon format tool list.

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